Order of Operations (Time Management)

In an earlier post I talked about The Plan, that post has become a living document as I’m updating it as bits get done. I’m trying to think a bit more about the order in which I’m doing things as some tasks have prerequisites and thought I’d share my thoughts on how to manage it. […]

Blood Donation and Anxiety

This is mostly a note to my future self for next time I give blood but if you don’t already and are able to do so, please also give blood!  You know, to hospitals rather than in a jar as a gift… It’s the day after and you are pretty damn anxious, also your legs […]

Ongoing Projects and Projects Ongoing

I have a lot of projects on the go, some stalled and some my current obsession, and that’s ok.  I’ve previously beaten myself up about not getting things finished but the truth is it’s just how my brain works so I’ve decided to work with the meatsack between my ears rather than fight it Here […]

GNU Terry Pratchett

“A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.” – Going Postal, Chapter 4 prologue A touching tribute, one I’ve heartily embraced. http://www.gnuterrypratchett.com/  

On The Topic of Redundancy and Hackspaces

As is a risk working for a small company, I was made redundant last week when the company decided on a change of direction. Not ideal but I’ve a good skill set and live in a tech rich area of the country, finding a new job should be a case of when rather than if, […]

A New Definition Of What It Means To Be A Grownup

  “It’s our turn to decide what that means” really is a wonderful way of explaining to someone what it means to embrace that which you love but that most people see as frivolous.  I have a new yard stick;   Despite being an Internet celebrity, Chris Hadfield is just a man who has worked hard […]

Everything is Incredible and Why We Make

A friend of mind posted a link to a short video about a man in Honduras who has been building a helicopter for fifty years.  He hasn’t had an easy life for reasons explained in the video but his determination hasn’t faltered.  Watch it and see for yourself; Everything is Incredible, Film About a Disabled […]

Game of Life

[Updated] “Gamification” is a term I first heard at a Microsoft internal conference a few years back when Jane McGonigal gave a talk on the topic.  I’ll admit I was a little sceptical to start with but the talk she gave was very similar to the TED talk she gave not long after. What prompted this […]

Mars, Attacked

Today was a big day for science and for the advancement of space exploration in general, Curiosity landed on Mars. I was up at the crack of dawn(ish) UK time to watch this online just to see the look on the faces of the guys and gals in mission control when word came through of […]

The Reward of Hard Work

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when a long running project splutters to life for the first time.  Be it an engine firing, a piece of software running bug free for the first time or even the simple pleasure of a set of shelves in place, it’s a wonderful feeling that I […]