I have a lot of projects on the go, some stalled and some my current obsession, and that’s ok.  I’ve previously beaten myself up about not getting things finished but the truth is it’s just how my brain works so I’ve decided to work with the meatsack between my ears rather than fight it

Here is my usual project lifecycle:

  1. Discover new thing
  2. Obsess over thing
  3. Buy parts to build thing
  4. Hit limit of knowledge
  5. Get frustrated and shelve it

Projects I’ve got in flight are always in the back of my mind and occasionally I’ll learn something new which mitigates stage 4 and I’ll start back at stage 1 again, rinse and repeat.  I sat down and looked over my projects and realised most of them shared common themes in some way, usually in the tech involved, but all use it in slightly different ways for very different results.  To that end I wrote a list of my projects, what each involve at a high level, and put ticks in boxes to see where they overlap.

You see, having multiple projects that overlap on the go is a great thing.  It means if one of them starts kicking your arse you can switch to another!  It’ll cleanse the mental palette by giving a context switch and if they use similar tech you might just get some inspiration to help elsewhere.

Mostly, it keeps me making.  After all, if one of the most notorious makers in the community has self doubt every now and then it seems I’m in good company.

Next up, I’m planning on adding my ongoing projects to the site to make this more a work log again.  I’ve been up to all sorts but mostly using OneNote for not taking and leaving this place fallow.