I’m known as Keegan by my friends but my folks call me Jason Neave.  I’m a proud and shameless geek at heart, I like to tinker and build things.

Growing up, my idols weren’t football players (despite my nickname) or the other usual suspects but a combination of my Dad, engineers and characters from movies.  Movies such as Back to the Future, Short Circuit and The Rocketeer which should explain a lot.  Through college I studied Physics, Electronics, Computing and Maths as well as playing many instruments in various bands.  After college I studied Cybernetics at the University of Reading for a while though changed to Computer Science as the former wasn’t as practical a course as I’d liked.  Engineering mathematics is all well and good but without an application I find it difficult to learn new skills and I had a skill for programming so figured I could pick robotics up as a hobby later in life.  While at University I was also the president of the Real and Cider Society and at various times captain and coach of the Reading Raptors floorball team, the latter being a team sport similar to ice hockey and a lot of fun!

After graduating I worked IT support at a Reading law firm for a year before joining Microsoft as a Developer Support Engineer (old blog) where I worked in various teams for almost six years.  Wanting a chance to write more code joined VoiceVault as a software engineer working on their enterprise framework.  After being made redundant I landed a job at the Satellite Applications Catapult as a UI engineer and I’m currently working to build sci-fi inspired user interfaces for real world problems.  We have a Surface table (SUR40 with PixelSense), Kinect, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and a number of large 3d capable vision suites so my work is cut out for me but it’s a lot of fun!

Out of hours my interests include electronics, robotics, brewing beer, cooking, programming, drumming, cycling and anything that involves shiny things doing something cool.

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  1. Hi Keegan.
    I left posted you a message on Patreon but don’t know how often you you log in, hence the note here just to make you aware of it.

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