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Site Migration

If you see this message after visiting then DNS changes have successfully propagated!  I’m moving hosts to SSD Nodes, this will give me more control over my site for the same price I was paying as well as a handy VPS to play with Docker!

November Recap

Following up from my post on my Simple Rules I thought I’d start doing month end posts as a recap and log on how I’m doing.  Mostly for myself to read back on to see how far I’ve come but hopefully help other people too.  It’ll also be a great place to list the odds and… Read More »

New Domain:

I’ve just realised that the .engineering TLD exists so I’ve bought and I’ve pointed it towards this site.  The old and links will carry on working but this is the new URL and I can’t imagine it changing in a hurry!

New Job!

Things have been a bit manic since the last post, both in job hunting and random other things that have made the last few weeks disappear, including the inaugural Reading Hackspace Hackathon at Horniman Gardens! The most important part is the job hunt, which was both successful and massive successful.  The repetition is entirely justified… Read More »

The Old New Thing – Site Rename

So, I’ve been running this blog for a while now and though the name is cool it’s never really felt like a good fit.  I grabbed the domain many years back and used it out of habit more than anything, now I’m starting to take things a little more seriously, for a given value of… Read More »

First Day of School, My Ride

I mentioned in my last post I rode on a crane on my first day of school, this is the crane in question and my Dad behind the wheel.  Glad to say, both are still going strong.