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By | 17/08/2017

If you see this message after visiting then DNS changes have successfully propagated!  I’m moving hosts to SSD Nodes, this will give me more control over my site for the same price I was paying as well as a handy VPS to play with Docker!

2 thoughts on “Site Migration

  1. Mike

    Laser printer and 3D printer. Amazing what can be created these days at home. I have a 40 watt laser and have which I’ve never regretted purchasing years ago. The problems I solve with this thing were never use cases for my purchase. Never the less, this is a tool that is only as limited as the operators imagination.

    I understand the 3D printer is a completely different machine than a laser printer. I would like to know your feelings on the 3D printer and if it has met or exceeded your expectations for purchasing it.



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