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Sleep and the Creative Mind

Like many creative people, I don’t find sleep easily.  This is a common theme among those for whom their mind is their instrument and as I lay in bed last night starting into the darkness, trying not to think of the latest crazy thing to do next to add to my list of projects, a thought slipped… Read More »

Origin Story, now with added back story!  I’ve just imported the posts from my original blog on which included some of my earlier projects.  They may be a bit of a mess and the categories are all out of whack but good to have it all under one roof. One project I’m going to have… Read More »

Facebook Page

I’ve created a Facebook page for the site to enable random discussions and all the usual social flavoured things to happen.  I’ll post random links to it more often than I post here and any blog entries will be linked there too.  It’s the best way to follow the site so check it out;… Read More »

Air Ambulance Challange Update – £2508 raised!

Now that the deadline for what I’ll get waxed has passed, I can confirm we’ve raised £2508 including GiftAid!  This means in about two hours time I’ll be getting back, bikini, crack and my legs waxed.  Bikini was substituted for sack as apparently it hurts as much as the sack getting waxed but without risk… Read More »

The Challenge: Context

Two weeks ago today, while drunk, I agreed to do something stupid for charity.  I often do stupid things while drunk, as is the human condition, but when I woke up I rolled with it.  If I’m honest, despite the effort I’ve put into publicising it, I’ve mentally down played it to myself as the… Read More »

No ‘Air Ambulance Challenge

A few weeks back my favoured pub, The Alehouse, was broken into and the charity boxes for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance were stolen.  Fast forward a few weeks and I was there for their winter beer festival, propping up the bar as usual, when a stereotypical question was asked; How much would… Read More »

Facebook Integration

I’ve added the new Facebook plugin for WordPress to the site, it’s going to take a while to get configured properly so bare with me.

A New Chapter

I’ve recently moved teams at work from SQL Developer Support to Office365, Exchange Online specifically.  As I’ll be learning new skills as I go I’ll be blogging my progress, as much as a reference for myself as anyone else who may find my mistakes useful to learn from.  The move to Exchange was a slightly… Read More »

Site Update

Long time, no posts.  To paraphrase Ian Malcolm; “Life finds a way… to interrupt the best laid plans”. Since the last update I’ve been working on a few little projects, planning some bigger projects and started on massive project that comes under the heading of “life goal”.  The little projects involve putting up shelves and… Read More »