Now that the deadline for what I’ll get waxed has passed, I can confirm we’ve raised £2508 including GiftAid!  This means in about two hours time I’ll be getting back, bikini, crack and my legs waxed.  Bikini was substituted for sack as apparently it hurts as much as the sack getting waxed but without risk of tearing…  ::shudder::

The charity page will be open for another month but even after that the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust will still need help, click through to their page to see how you can help without putting yourselves through what I’m about to!

There will be a suitably censored video posted at some point over the next few days and I’ll be celebrating/drinking to forget this evening at The Alehouse in Reading.


Thanks to all those who have donated, spread the word and otherwise helped with this fundraiser.  It’s been an odd ride but successful for it!