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OneNote Kanban and Bullet Journal(ish)

Lifehacking!  Until recently I’ve spent more time blogging about it than doing it but in the last few months I’ve found a task/time tracking technique that seems to be working and today had an idea of how to adopt a complimentary method too;  Bullet Journal and Kanban. Last year I started using Bullet Journal, which… Read More »

Sleep and the Creative Mind

Like many creative people, I don’t find sleep easily.  This is a common theme among those for whom their mind is their instrument and as I lay in bed last night starting into the darkness, trying not to think of the latest crazy thing to do next to add to my list of projects, a thought slipped… Read More »

Kitchen Trick: Freezing Pesto and Passata

Between a minor electrical explosion at my local and a string of migraines my thing for week three is taking longer than expected so this week I’m sharing a kitchen trick that works a treat. I love to cook but live by myself which means that sauces and things in jars often go off before I… Read More »

The Chain

I’m an avid follower of Lifehacker, particularly mind hacks.  One that has appeared recently, and appears to be gaining momentum, is Jerry Seinfeld’s “don’t break the chain” time management technique. The idea is simple, set yourself a few goals to achieve each day and if you manage them all you mark the day on a… Read More »