With a heavy heart, PiWars has been postponed and a Virtual PiWars has been announced for April 25th prior to a full competition being run. This is very much the right thing to do and I totally support it. One thing this does mean is more time to overcomplicate expand functionality! Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about that I’m going to investigate further.

I’ll start running through these in order, based on the MoSCoW priority system. It’s a simple way of prioritising tasks.

This page is going to be updated each time a task is done with relevant links added to blog posts or videos.

To MoSCoW!

Must have, Should have, Could have, Won’t have. A logical follow up to my previous post on the MVP of MFP.

Must Haves

The robot must:

  • Be drivable by remote control
    • Motion control Done, 29/3/20
    • Arm control
      • Manual control
      • Preset positions for grab/lift/drop
    • Head control Done, 31/3/20
    • Weapon control
  • Sensors
    • Perimeter distance sensors
    • Line follow/cliff sensors on bumpers
    • Video feed over WiFi
  • Blinkenlights!
  • On robot battery charging (BMS) Charge port added (14/3/20)
  • Controller internal batteries/charging (BMS) Done, 29/3/20

Should Haves

The robot should:

  • Provide a stereo feed to a Google Cardboard enabled phone
  • Provide sensor feedback over WiFi to the controller
  • Arms upgraded with compliant joints
    • I might be able to can do this by modifying the servos to give me an analogue output from the potentiometer similar to these,
    • Proof of concept video here! (14/3/2020)
  • A voicebox!
  • Power monitoring on the battery, displayed on controller
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Charging state (LED on robot too)

Could Haves

  • Full motion and arm control using puppeteering rig
  • Computer vision for
    • Line following
    • Barrel sorting
  • Automation
    • SLAM/Similar
    • Navigation for the blind maze
    • Navigation for barrel sorting
    • Target detection for Zombie Defense

Must Not

  • Be on fire
  • Break down, unless incredibly funny
  • Gain self awareness and take over the world (unless it has a good plan for public services)