“It’s our turn to decide what that means” really is a wonderful way of explaining to someone what it means to embrace that which you love but that most people see as frivolous.  I have a new yard stick;


Despite being an Internet celebrity, Chris Hadfield is just a man who has worked hard to have the opportunity to experience something truly astonishing.  Most importantly, to me at least, he has shown that despite the fact he worked his way into orbit it didn’t stop him from playing up to it.  In the six months he was commander of the ISS he showed us what it is to be a grown up, insofar as you make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in.  If that means you get to float around in a tin can at a vast speed playing guitar then fair play to him!  He has done an awful lot to promote science and the space program and more importantly proven that you can become an internet celebrity by actually doing something cool rather than coming up with a random dance or stepping on a rake…

The Space Oddity video, and the many others he posted, are truly the ultimate proof that we decide what it is to be a grown up. For that, he forever has my thanks, admiration and envy.