As is a risk working for a small company, I was made redundant last week when the company decided on a change of direction. Not ideal but I’ve a good skill set and live in a tech rich area of the country, finding a new job should be a case of when rather than if, though likely I’ve jinxed it now…

The thing is that I now have “mandated free time” while looking for a new job, a long list of unfinished projects and full membership to the local Hackspace. A plan forms;

I’ve decided not to sit idle and instead to use this time, between job hunting, to learn and develop skills for personal projects that have been allowed to atrophy as well as keeping my professional skills sharp. This includes soldering, welding, electronics, photo/video editing and the brains for my Mini digital dashboard project. I’ll also be helping with any remaining works at the Hackspace itself, seems daft not to help out while I’ve time to do so.

Stay tuned for more on this as it happens as well as the redesign and migration.