A friend of mind posted a link to a short video about a man in Honduras who has been building a helicopter for fifty years.  He hasn’t had an easy life for reasons explained in the video but his determination hasn’t faltered.  Watch it and see for yourself;

Everything is Incredible, Film About a Disabled Honduran Man Who Has Been Building A Homemade Helicopter from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.
Some of the comments in the video and the thoughts it raised really rung true, this fellow has a goal and regardless of everything he has gone for it.  Some may feel him foolish but I admire his conviction, I’ve a project that I’ve been planning since I was 14 and 16 years later I’m two years into it.  After watching that video my timescales have shifted but it’s also reminded me that it isn’t going to build itself.  For anyone who watches the video and still doesn’t understand then give this video of a speech by a personal hero of mine a watch;

I can’t explain why we make better than Adam does in that video and in this one line;
“It doesn’t matter what you make and it doesn’t matter why, the importance is that you are making something.”

My next post should feature an Arduino, a piezo buzzer and an EKG monitor.  Why you ask?  Why the hell not.