Hictop 3DP-18: Marlin FW Example Configuration

I’ve been quiet on here for a while but anyone how follows me on Facebook will know I’ve not been idle, one of the things I’ve been working on is getting my Hictop 3DP-18 printer running stock Marlin Firmware. The main reason for doing this is that despite the Open Source basis for the Hictop Prusa […]

Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery

This is a work in progress as it has turned out to be far more complicated than I thought it would be! I’ve learned a lot about how to design parts for my 3d printer and how to use the laser cutter at Reading Hackspace too though so already winning! Over the passed few years […]

3D Printer Built!

As long time readers of the blog may remember I tried to build a 3d printer many years ago without any success.  The problem was that at the time I didn’t really have a need for one, didn’t know what was involved or what parts I actually needed.  I also bought printed parts from one […]

TaW: Week 3 – Dual Stepper Motor Controllers

After a trip to the Reading Hackspace and a few hours with one of the excellent soldering irons they have I’ve made short work of the two dual stepper motor controllers for my 3d printer.  The only components missing are the drivers which are ESD sensitive so I’m fitting once the main controller board is complete […]

Prusa Frame Build Finished

Quick update regarding the printer, the frame is built and all three axes are finished.  Next up is sourcing the hot-end and electronics.  I’m lucky enough to have a RepRap user group nearby in the Thames Valley RepRap User Group who have a custom electronics board so I’ll be sourcing a kit from them.  They […]

.NET Gadgeteer In Space!

The title is a little misleading, it isn’t quite space but damn close!  Got your attention though I’ll bet. 😉 A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to my peers in the UK Support organisation at Microsoft and along with the digital camera “hello world” project that is fairly standard for Gadgeteer I came […]

RepRap Prusa Mendel Build

In a change to our scheduled broadcast (ie. I’m having a few issues with the desk build) I’ve decided to press my coffee table into service and crack on with the build for my 3d printer.  I’m building a RepRap Prusa Mendel with parts purchased off eBay, so far I’ve purchased everything but the components […]