The title is a little misleading, it isn’t quite space but damn close!  Got your attention though I’ll bet. 😉

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to my peers in the UK Support organisation at Microsoft and along with the digital camera “hello world” project that is fairly standard for Gadgeteer I came up with a few ideas to give as examples and the most fun one I could think of was to make an instrument payload for a weather balloon.  I’ll be giving another presentation shortly and I thought I’d make an earth-bound prototype as a proof of concept.  On the off chance someone would see my demo and buy the parts to do it for real I thought I’d ask the Gadgeteer team if the modules would actually be fit for purpose.

About an hour later I was having a coffee with Steven Johnston from the University of Southampton who will shortly be sending a module up, great minds think alike it seems however they had a head start and plenty of experience in these matters.  By pure chance he was on site today!  He gave me these photos to share of their project in progress including a 3d printed enclosure to hold all the parts;

He has offered to keep me up to date with progress and you can be certain this wont be the last post on the topic, that fact that such activities are within our means is astonishing and the sky is no longer the limit!