RepRap Prusa Mendel Build

By | 20/09/2011

In a change to our scheduled broadcast (ie. I’m having a few issues with the desk build) I’ve decided to press my coffee table into service and crack on with the build for my 3d printer.  I’m building a RepRap Prusa Mendel with parts purchased off eBay, so far I’ve purchased everything but the components for the electronics board and the hot end for the extruder and I’m way under £200! 

It’s looking like it’ll come to around £250 in total, maybe a little more.  For a 3d printer.  Times are a-changing it seems and becoming more awesome by the day!

I’m not going to write much about the process of building the printer as I’m following someone else’s build write-up and I can’t top them!  Instead, here’s a picture;

prusa build

More to come, I’ve a lot to do yet but as I’m not waiting on my desk any more I should be posting more frequently again.


2 thoughts on “RepRap Prusa Mendel Build

  1. DiGi40`

    Hi can you please send me a list of the parts needed and where you got them from and how much ect… thanks in advance for the information if you can send it, I have been wanting to build a 3d printer but there all still a little out of price range if youve managed to do it thats totally cool…. again thanks in advance DiGi

    my email address is

    1. Keegan Post author

      Hi DiGi, I followed the parts list from and as for the cost eBay is your friend. I have been patient with my purchases and bought the parts for as cheap as I could find. The bigger saving is from doing everything yourself, I found a sellar who provides PCBs for example and then use old parts to build the electronics board yourself.

      It’s likely to be a little more expensive than I initially hoped but not by much.



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