TaW: Calling Time

The thing a week challenge was a noble one and though I’ve not blogged about a thing a week I’ve certainly not stopped making things, doubly so in my new job in which I build cool things for a living though more on that when I’m allowed to talk about it… Of the random things I’ve made I’ve not documented a lot of them so can’t write them up here and to be honest the blogging part of it stopped being fun. It took a fun challenge of making something and made a chore of it so for that reason I’m going to call the challenge done with mixed results. This way I can carry on making things and don’t have the stressful overhead of documentation, other than for the really cool stuff.

When a hobby becomes a chore, you change the way you do it or you change hobbies. I choose the former as life is what you make it and I intend making to be fun.

TaW: 20 – When Cosplayers Attack…

The tripod strap I made in the previous post was when I was en route to London Film and Comicon to film the first video for our new webseries, The Series of Wonderful Nonsense.  I think it came out well, two days online and we’re over a thousand views already!  The facebook page is online though all but empty at the minute, should be up and running along with the site before too long.


TaW: 18 – Engine Trolley

A quick thing this week, a trolley to hold a currently stationary engine in my garage.  With an old pallet I got from my old job and some cheap, yet 200KG capable, caster wheels from eBay it’s a cheap solution to making space in the garage more manageable.

Engine Trolley

Also, this is the first post to neave-eng.com despite the banner.  Old links to jedibowler.com will still work and I’m going to set up IIS URL rewrite tomorrow to handle mapping properly as well as unveiling the new logo.  A full how to guide will be the next Thing.


TaW: 17 – Camera Stabiliser

A quick and simple hack this week, a handheld camera stabiliser and multi purpose mount.  Made from an old rack mount from a server and bent in a few places, the camera can be mounted and used handheld or mounted to a ceiling using a tripod bolt at the top.  The front of the handle is also wrapped around to allow for the mounting of both a light on the front and a microphone above, those will be hacks for another week.

Made at Reading Hackspace using parts lying around.

TaW: 17 - Camera Stabiliser

TaW: Week 14 – Messenger Bag Tripod Straps

This “weeks” instalment is a simple, temporary, hack of a bag I’ve just bought to hold a tripod as well as my other camera gear.

After a long, long search for the perfect bag, and even thinking of making one, I decided to buy a bag that was anonymous enough but easy to hack.  I ended up buying a plain canvas messenger bag from Fat Face and a camera bag insert from Amazon.  Slot it into and bag and your camera kit is safe, take it out and you’ve a multipurpose bag.  The added bonus is that, without the tripod attached at least, it looks like a normal bag.  My issue with camera and laptop bags is that they advertise what they carry…

I’m going to add some colour matched straps with proper buckles at some point but as I’m heading to London Animecon to do some filming with my friend Mojo Jones, I needed something nice and quick to get me going.  I went with a pair of strips of double backed Velcro and hand-stitched them to the front of the bag.  Nice and easy but this one holds my DSLR, camcorder, microphone, various cables and the tripod with room to slip a slim laptop in too.  I’ll be adding a protective sleeve for my tablet, if it ever reappears, in a future hack.

Hacked Bag

Regarding the Thing a Week challenge, I have been making things but utterly failing to blog them!  I’ve a load of photos of various projects to upload and will get up to date asap.

TaW: Week 12 – ARC Reactor

This weeks thing was built for a friend for the Iron Man inspired dress she has made for Iron Fest.  The ARC reactor is made using 11 superbright 3mm LEDs connected to a pair of AAs.  It is then sewn onto a scrap of denim from an old pair of jeans for a bit of structure and covered in white fabric from an old t-shirt.  The dress was made by Miss Jones herself, including the repulsor glove, the latter using an EL panel left over from one of her Tron routines.  I don’t have a pic of the reactor completed but it works best as part of the outfit after all;

Iron Mo(jo Jones)

The actual structure of the reactor is really simple, I set out the LEDs in the required pattern using blutak then bent the pins so when soldered together the pins themselves form the structure.  This makes for a far lower profile and easier to integrate into the outfit.

TaW 12 - ARC Reactor

TaW: Week 10 – Moleskine Wallet

My wallet has taken a beating, is showing its age and my tablet is still away for repair so I’ve taken to carrying a notebook with me.  About time I hacked my Moleskine really…

It already had a pocket in the back so all I needed to add was slots for my cards.  To that end I removed a couple of pages at the back to keep the bulk down and used one of the pages for the slot.  I’ve added a crude ruler on the back page and I’m going to add reference notes on the blank bit too as I discover useful things I’ve a habit of forgetting.

TaW - Week 10: Modded Moleskine

You can also make your own pages to print out and stick in using the MSK tool, there are quite a few already available too.  Likely will add a Tube map in there somewhere as I can never remember which line is which when travelling through London.