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TaW: Calling Time

The thing a week challenge was a noble one and though I’ve not blogged about a thing a week I’ve certainly not stopped making things, doubly so in my new job in which I build cool things for a living though more on that when I’m allowed to talk about it… Of the random things… Read More »

TaW: 20 – When Cosplayers Attack…

The tripod strap I made in the previous post was when I was en route to London Film and Comicon to film the first video for our new webseries, The Series of Wonderful Nonsense.  I think it came out well, two days online and we’re over a thousand views already!  The facebook page is online… Read More »

TaW: 18 – Engine Trolley

A quick thing this week, a trolley to hold a currently stationary engine in my garage.  With an old pallet I got from my old job and some cheap, yet 200KG capable, caster wheels from eBay it’s a cheap solution to making space in the garage more manageable. Also, this is the first post to… Read More »

TaW: 17 – Camera Stabiliser

A quick and simple hack this week, a handheld camera stabiliser and multi purpose mount.  Made from an old rack mount from a server and bent in a few places, the camera can be mounted and used handheld or mounted to a ceiling using a tripod bolt at the top.  The front of the handle… Read More »

TaW: Week 14 – Messenger Bag Tripod Straps

This “weeks” instalment is a simple, temporary, hack of a bag I’ve just bought to hold a tripod as well as my other camera gear. After a long, long search for the perfect bag, and even thinking of making one, I decided to buy a bag that was anonymous enough but easy to hack.  I… Read More »

TaW: Week 13 – Towel Holster

It seems the definition of week is defined by time between posts rather than a set period of time but this one I couldn’t miss; A simple towel holster, made with parachute cord and a carabiner, for the frood on the go. Happy Towel Day everyone!

TaW: Week 12 – ARC Reactor

This weeks thing was built for a friend for the Iron Man inspired dress she has made for Iron Fest.  The ARC reactor is made using 11 superbright 3mm LEDs connected to a pair of AAs.  It is then sewn onto a scrap of denim from an old pair of jeans for a bit of structure… Read More »

TaW: Week 10 – Moleskine Wallet

My wallet has taken a beating, is showing its age and my tablet is still away for repair so I’ve taken to carrying a notebook with me.  About time I hacked my Moleskine really… It already had a pocket in the back so all I needed to add was slots for my cards.  To that end… Read More »