This “weeks” instalment is a simple, temporary, hack of a bag I’ve just bought to hold a tripod as well as my other camera gear.

After a long, long search for the perfect bag, and even thinking of making one, I decided to buy a bag that was anonymous enough but easy to hack.  I ended up buying a plain canvas messenger bag from Fat Face and a camera bag insert from Amazon.  Slot it into and bag and your camera kit is safe, take it out and you’ve a multipurpose bag.  The added bonus is that, without the tripod attached at least, it looks like a normal bag.  My issue with camera and laptop bags is that they advertise what they carry…

I’m going to add some colour matched straps with proper buckles at some point but as I’m heading to London Animecon to do some filming with my friend Mojo Jones, I needed something nice and quick to get me going.  I went with a pair of strips of double backed Velcro and hand-stitched them to the front of the bag.  Nice and easy but this one holds my DSLR, camcorder, microphone, various cables and the tripod with room to slip a slim laptop in too.  I’ll be adding a protective sleeve for my tablet, if it ever reappears, in a future hack.

Hacked Bag

Regarding the Thing a Week challenge, I have been making things but utterly failing to blog them!  I’ve a load of photos of various projects to upload and will get up to date asap.