My wallet has taken a beating, is showing its age and my tablet is still away for repair so I’ve taken to carrying a notebook with me.  About time I hacked my Moleskine really…

It already had a pocket in the back so all I needed to add was slots for my cards.  To that end I removed a couple of pages at the back to keep the bulk down and used one of the pages for the slot.  I’ve added a crude ruler on the back page and I’m going to add reference notes on the blank bit too as I discover useful things I’ve a habit of forgetting.

TaW - Week 10: Modded Moleskine

You can also make your own pages to print out and stick in using the MSK tool, there are quite a few already available too.  Likely will add a Tube map in there somewhere as I can never remember which line is which when travelling through London.