Tool Tip: Cleaning A Soldering Iron Tip

Still working on the electronics for the 3d printer, my overdue thing a week, so posting another tip I’ve just discovered regarding cleaning a soldering iron tip quickly.  Simply remove the tip, place it very carefully in the chuck of a cordless drill and spin it against some sandpaper.  I’ve only a cheap iron so […]

Desk Build; Path of Least Resistance

For the workspace I’m building I’m combining a set of shelves and a folding desk, as if a set of Hungarian Shelves mated with a writing bureau.  I recently build a set of those shelves for the back of my room so these should match nicely. Those shelves (left) were made of two sheets of […]


I’m still getting to grips with CAD, I’ve not really used it since school, and I’ve always preffered jotting things down on paper.  At the minute it’s quicker and sketching ideas down on paper seems to make things more real to me.  Diffcult to describe but true. Today I needed some graph paper to draw […]

DIY Essentials from IEEE

As if by magic IEEE Spectrum have posted a guide to setting up your workbench for electronics work, great minds think alike it seems!  Peg board wasn’t something I had considered for my build but after seeing this post it or somthing similar is a no brainer. Keegan IEEE Spectrum via Boing Boing

Act 1: Wherein the Author Discusses Workspaces

Be it a desk, workbench or even the humble table; a workspace is an important place for any aspiring maker. It could be in a shed as is traditional for British inventors, a bedroom, an office or even rubbing shoulders in your local coffee shop.  It is therefore fitting that with the rebirth of my […]