Be it a desk, workbench or even the humble table; a workspace is an important place for any aspiring maker. It could be in a shed as is traditional for British inventors, a bedroom, an office or even rubbing shoulders in your local coffee shop.  It is therefore fitting that with the rebirth of my blog into a more structured and regular part of my life my first project will be the creation of my new workspace.

An Englishman’s home may be his castle but a makers home is their workshop.

I live in a one bedroom flat so space is at a premium, I’ve a living room that has to wear many hats so having a permanent space to be creative is a must and something I’ve lacked thus far.  My plan is to build a set of shelves on one of the walls with a folding desk attached below.  Hopefully it will be simple but effective, it should prove fun to make and most importantly will give me a corner of my flat in which to tinker.

This won’t be a carpenters blog however as my interests are in programming, electronics, 3d printing, gaming, technology in general and pretty much anything shiny that beeps.  I’ve experience with Arduino, Netduino, the recently announced .NET Gadgeteer and more Microsoft developer technologies than I can remember.

More posts should be coming over the coming week, I should be getting the wood for the desk tomorrow and the building can begin in earnest.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your Dremels!