DIY May: Cookery Challenge

A few years back I came up with a challenge for myself, to cook everything I eat.  Seems simple enough but I intend to make bread, condiments and all the treats we order from the take away from time to time too!  The intent of the challenge is to eat healthier, hopefully save some cash […]

Creamy Mushroom and Tomato Pasta Thing

This is quite a tasty dish I’ve just thrown together, it will produce enough for one hungry person or two as part of a bigger meal.  You can probably add other stuff, I reckon a bit of beef mince or some diced bacon would have worked a treat. Stuff You’ll Need; Black cale Four tomatoes […]


Those who have been here before know I like to make things, unsurprisingly this also includes food!  Just thought I’d give fair warning before random recipes start to appear on here… By the way, if you are as lazy as I am and terrible at remembering to buy veg try and find a local veg […]