A few years back I came up with a challenge for myself, to cook everything I eat.  Seems simple enough but I intend to make bread, condiments and all the treats we order from the take away from time to time too!  The intent of the challenge is to eat healthier, hopefully save some cash but most importantly learn new tricks and recipes at the same time.  The challenge will culminate in a BBQ at the end of the month with everything home made, including the beer…

I’m also trying to source ingredients as locally as possible, in Reading we are lucky enough to have a good farmers market and there is a food coop that set up shop once a week around the corner.  I’ve food growing on the balcony

The challenge started yesterday with Lamb Meatballs and Pea Pilaf which came out very tasty!  Cooking rice in stock isn’t something I’d tried before and as the water reduced it made a very nice sauce, something new learned on day one!

Today I’m baking some bread and having Toad in the Hole for tea, tomorrow will be pizza bases for the freezer and my first batch of ketchup.

Stay tuned for more, I’ve also received parts for my 3d printer and I’ll be building that too so the techy side of my blog wont be overlooked.  Hopefully I’ll be printing egg cups in no time to tie the two together. Winking smile

Stay tuned for more!