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JavaScript IDE, Git and Deployment

So I was working on a set of scripts to automatically commit and deploy HTML, JavaScript and CSS stuff using PowerShell however as I’ve just discovered WebStorm which does all this and allows for live preview and debugging of code I’m not going to bother anymore! After installing it I quickly managed to configure auto-deployment… Read More »

Git, FTP and Cygwin

So I’ve been trying to get to grips with scripting for git to allow me to commit then deploy via FTP on Windows. I discovered git-ftp which looked promising but it was Linux flavoured, I followed the rabbit hole all the way to installing Cygwin and attempting to build it for Windows before realising I… Read More »

SSHFS From Windows to Ubuntu

SSHFS is a file system that works over SSH, this allows for a secure connection to remote file systems and in my case will allow me to use the Windows based tools I’m familiar with against files on a remote Linux machine.  I’m planning on getting to grips with Linux but it’s daft not to… Read More »

PowerShell Guid Generation

Learning WIX at the minute and needed a Guid for the product ID, a quick search found an easy solution using PowerShell.  To  make it easier to paste into another application, this was my solution; [System.Guid]::NewGuid().toString() | clip This puts the Guid straight into the clipboard, ready to be used.

Generating a C# Class from XML

After a two week hiatus from work and blogging, spent mostly at the ever excellent Reading Beer Festival, I’m back at work and doing something so simple I’ve utterly forgotten how to do it.  As this blog started as a way for me to keep track of random things I learn over the years, it’s time to… Read More »

Installing Atlassian Stash on a Headless Ubuntu Server

Today’s post relates to my experience installing Atlassian Stash on a headless Ubuntu box. My first attempt ended with me trying all sorts of nonsense which left the server messy as hell, including an accidental installation of Unity… The trickiest part for me was the installation of Java as the version available via the package… Read More »

jedibowler on Git Hub

As I’m implementing Git at work, I’ve decided to start using it at home too and for the site.  As such I’ve dusted off an old account I’d forgotten I’d created and you’ll find me on github as jedibowler.  The first of my projects to be posted is the code for the network enabled temperature/humidity logger from… Read More »

Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Conclusion

If you’ve been following this series of articles, I’ve been attempting to migrate from Subversion to TFS 2012 over the last six months or so and have given up on the idea.  It seems as though we are using a non-standard repository pattern which means the odds are stacked against us. I’m not a newbie… Read More »

Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Part 3 – Troubleshooting

We hit more problems, as per my last article that means another post!  This post will detail the steps to troubleshoot a merge issue but the techniques I learned are good examples for generic troubleshooting of the TFS Integration Platform.  Our issue; A set of files aren’t being checked in after a merge in SVN.… Read More »

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