Work has been mental for a few months so despite doing odds and sods on Hugo and a buttload of work on our illegal fishing project at work (hopefully more on that soon) I’ve not posted anything in a while so thought I’d post about a clock I’m building for my Dad.

My dad’s an engineer, heavy fabrication mostly, designing and building access platforms for the nearby oil refinery for over 40 years and since he drove me school on my first day on his crane he’s been a big influence.

Dad's Crane

As a reference to his engineering heritage and my current work  with satellite data I’m building an Arduino based clock that uses the GPS time signal to set the time and uses a set of voltage panels as the face.  The GPS receiver is the Adafruit Ultimate GPS board and I’m using a DS1307 based board for the real time clock.  The Ultimate GPS board is a bit OTT but it does allow me to receive a time signal indoors, as I only need one signal to get the time rather than the multiple signals needed for a full fix it works quite well.

The code is a work in progress but you’ll find it on my github page.