Desk Build (Plan B)

When I started this blog, way back when, I started with a series of posts regarding a desk build.  The idea was to make a set of Hungarian shelves, similar to the bookcase I’d previously built, as both DVD storage and a folding desk.  This plan stalled when I couldn’t find a hinge mechanism that I liked. […]

Desk Build, Part 2

Only a brief update as bad light stopped play this eve but I’ve marked out the shelves for cutting and thought I’d share a quick tip. The plan is to have four shelves at the top of the unit with the folding desktop attached to a slimmer shelve at the bottom.  This will allow the […]

Desk Build, Part 1

This weekend I made a start on the desk build, I’ve a rough plan drawn out which I’ll post this week after I scan it in at work. The plan isn’t something for you to follow to the letter but should give you a few ideas of how to come up with specifications for your […]