When I started this blog, way back when, I started with a series of posts regarding a desk build.  The idea was to make a set of Hungarian shelves, similar to the bookcase I’d previously built, as both DVD storage and a folding desk.  This plan stalled when I couldn’t find a hinge mechanism that I liked. Since then I’ve lacked a desk, a fact which meant I’d no permanent location in which to make things.  Typically I’ve been coding on my sofa and using a folding table, today that changes.

Earlier this year I had my kitchen replaced and there was a few lengths of wood left over and today I decided to ditch the previous plan, buy some legs from Homebase and call it job done.  It worked better than expected, I’ve not only a sturdy workbench style desk to work on now but it’s also a thing of simplistic beauty.

The legs have plates which screw to the wood and the legs then screw onto those panels, I thought ahead when spec’ing them out as it will make it easy to move if needed or take down to make more room if needed.  My cluttered shelves sit behind me when seated at the desk, I’m planning clearing the space to store tools and parts.  The shelf parts from the previous build will be finished off as movie storage still and I’ll cut off the section that the desk would’ve sat in so they won’t go to wasted.

After pulling my finger out, I’ve a workspace to call my own.