Encoder Teardown

I’ve been working on getting the wheel encoders working today and I’ve got a circuit that works. It turned out that it uses a photodiode rather than a light dependant resistor. An LDR changes resistance depending on how much light hits it, they’re often used in night light sensors and in phones to dim the […]

Occupancy Sensor, vManyLots

Work has continued on the occupancy sensor to help with social distancing, I switched from Arduino’s connected using NRF24L01 modules to ESP32s that have a built in Wifi chip.  The former was an unpredictable pain in the backside and the latter just seem to work! I was due to install these on Saturday but ended […]

New Logo/Branding Preview

Work is continuing on the Roomba, I’m hoping to have a video for that this weekend, but I thought I’d share the new logo for the company.   The existing and previous logos have been thrown together based on doodles but I’m getting help with these.  The bot lacks a name at the minute, it’ll come […]

Fabrication Station, Part 2

Now I’ve finished rebuilding my old printer so it actually works I’ve a printer that can print big things fast. That’s because it has a 0.8mm nozzle, most printers have 0.4mm, and an E3D Volcano hotend. This thing really shifts! For context, the parts for the first half of the dual enclosure would’ve taken about […]

Getting (Re)Started

Picking up where I left off around a year ago, the battery is screwed so rigged up to the charger from MacFeegle Prime to power it for now. First up I’m getting the motors working again and after that I’ll get the encoders on the wheels working. The encoders will allow me to measure the […]

Printer Ahoy!

My projects are like a logic puzzle at the minute and I’ve finally got one bit in place. My old POS printer is reborn! I needed to design a new carriage to hold the extruder which was a pain but only took a few days and I’ll release that file soon. Now this is done […]

NE-1 Drives!

Only a quick update but I’ve got the motors and encoders rigged up on NE-1 and it drives! A more detailed video will be coming soon.

Previously On, Project Bumblebee…

I’ve been looking at the Roomba today and remembered that back when it still vaguely worked I did a series of short videos where I reverse engineered the internals to the point where I could remote control it. I’m not going to lie, it was quite janky and I never really got it working properly […]

Robots, Printers, and… Toilet Sensors?

Much has been a’doing!   I’m wiring up the chassis for NE-1 at the minute, just using breadboard, jumpers and hot-glue at the minute.  Once I get things working I’ll switch to perma-proto board and an actual lid for the chassis.  Also just running off AA batteries at the minute, I’ll make the new battery […]

Fabrication Station

A staple of the 3d printing community, Ikea Lack tables make for excellent enclosures. I’m waiting on a third to be delivered and a whole bunch of parts need printing but my workspace is slowly coming together. Tomorrow I crack on with the Roomba! The legs are straight by the way, a very weird lens […]