It’s done! Ish…

I need to mount the PSU for both printers outside of their enclosures, they are pretty big parts that need printing but that’s what Chonk is for after all.  

In order to make both fit I’ve removed the Multimaterial Unit from my Prusa, I need to give it time to figure out how to actually use it still so figured it’s better to just get this done and do that in the future when Chonk is more stable.  

After all, perfect is the enemy of done and I need to be better at remembering that.  Now that it’s done I can forget about it for a while but take advantage of it making my office much tidier.  

Also, exciting news, I’ve just passed the point where all you lovely people are paying for my robotics training!  I’m a member of Robot Ignite Academy who have excellent online training for ROS (Robot Operating System), this is going to make a big difference for sure!  

Thanks again to you all 🙂