Jukebox Cooling Update

Previously I mentioned that the Jukebox was running a little warm when fanless, 80 degrees C in fact which is 5 degrees short of the thermal specs!  A fan was added (fan noise = evil) as a temporary solution and brought the temperature down to a more respectable 40 degrees. I decided that more air […]

Jukebox HD: Some Cooling Required

I’ve been running in the Jukebox for a few months now and from a usability stand point it is still running a treat.  From a mechanical point of view however all is not well as it runs a little hot.  In a normal case this may be fine however in a case such as mine […]

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Speakers

As my audio/video needs are being satisfied by an Zotac ION and now the case is finished I figured it was time to sort out the audio.  Until now I’ve be using an old set of Creative 5.1 speakers that has it’s own decoder and connect using SPDIF.  This sounds good, pardon the pun, but […]

Jukebox HD

In a previous post I gave a brief review of the Zotac ION board I purchased for my new Media Centre and now it’s in a case…     Some pictures from the construction below; I made a new backplate as the old one wasn’t in a great state and this allowed me to mount […]

Media Centre and Apple Trailers

Before I got hooked on Media Centre I used to use an iMac and I never really got on with it, I’ guess I’ve always been a Windows guy at heart which worked out pretty well for me.  One thing that always impressed me was Frontrow, it was polished, worked well and had a great […]

Zotac ION Windows 7 MC

So, since University I’ve been a fan of silent computing and a stickler for wasting power.  When I first heard about the ION chipset I thought that both my goals may come together in one package and early reviews seems positive, results I can now back up. In the picture (right) you will see my […]