In a previous post I gave a brief review of the Zotac ION board I purchased for my new Media Centre and now it’s in a case…




Some pictures from the construction below; I made a new backplate as the old one wasn’t in a great state and this allowed me to mount the motherboard on it too.  I used a couple of nuts as spacers to raise the motherboard to allow some airflow behind it and drilled a few holes in the top for ventilation.  The board is fanless so relies on convection currents for cooling.  The gaping hole in the back isn’t pretty but no one will see back there and it means I can have the beast closer to the wall.  Plus, a lot easier than rewiring the connectors to the case…


In the last picture you can see the BlackGold dual USB tuner and the Sony BD-ROM drive.  It’s a snug fit, there are a few gaps, the hard disk isn’t permanently mounted (a job for tomorrow) and the power switch just dangles out of the back but it lives which is enough for now!  Long term plans also involve a plate to cover the gap next to the BD-ROM drive which should house a few USB ports for easy access.  This has been a project years in the making though so I can’t imaging that will happen for a while.

Good enough for now though.