DIY Cool(er) Phone Cradle

I’ve a Touch Diamond 2 that tends to remain connected to my PC when at work however as my desk tends to be messy at the best of times I wanted some form of cradle to keep my phone tidy at least.  As any reader of my blog will know I’m also a fan of […]

New Years Projects

Last year my new years resolution was to never make a resolution again, they seem a counter productive to me.  If there is something you want to change about yourself you shouldn’t wait a year to do it.  To quote a friend of mine “life’s short, crack on”!  That said a new year is a […]

New(ish) Welder

Our community at work never ceases to amaze me, I sent out an email asking if someone had an old arc welder they no longer used and within a few minutes I had a few people offering theirs up! Just goes to show one mans junk is another mans treasure, now I just have to […]