ESP32-S2 – Deep Sleep & The EN Pin

I’ve been working on a remote control for my cargobot, more on those little teasers soon, and I’ve been having an annoying problem with something that should’ve been simple. The Problem? Switching it on. The controller is running on a Sparkfun ESP32 Thing Plus which has an ESP32-S2 at it’s core. It has an EN […]

Automated Broadband Monitoring on Linux

I’m trialing a 4G home broadband router at the minute to see if it can give me decent upload as apposed to the 1mbps I currently get so I thought I’d look into automatically running speedtests.  Here’s how and it turned out to be quite simple.  Caveat, this runs on Linux. There is a really […]

Preview Blackmagic Intensity Pro Input in VLC

I’ve a Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card in my machine at work, initially we were going to capture video for webcasts from a professional camera but that never came to pass.  It’s been sat in my machine gathering  dust soI thought it would make quite a nice virtual monitor for embedded devices.  As I’m playing with […]

Lego PVR Case

The new PVR I built back in May didn’t have a case at the time and though I had lofty plans to make a beautiful wooden case with laser cut lid it turned out to be beyond my skills at the time.  Instead I did what any self respecting maker would do and bought a […]

Satellite Applications Catapult Inventorthon – Bring Your Own Disaster

The Satellite Applications Catapult are very lucky to have the facilities they have and believe they have the potential to help save lives. To that end they’re opening their toy box for everyone to play with to try and do just that at their next hackathon. The premise is simple; in a disaster scenario, how would you use their facilities […]

Bluetooth Headphone Upgrade

 I’ve a trusty paint of headphones I’ve had for ten years or so and used to use them when playing my electric drum kit, the long cable was particularly useful at the time but now I use them almost exclusively at my desk the cable is proving a pain in the neck.  I have a […]

Simple Moleskine Embossing

I cant imagine I’m the first to do this but a simple way to emboss a Moleskine notebook is to doodle on a postit note and to draw over your design with loads of pressure. Crude but a simple trick. My 2014 notebook still needs to be laser engraved though, a project for after Christmas […]