Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Conclusion

If you’ve been following this series of articles, I’ve been attempting to migrate from Subversion to TFS 2012 over the last six months or so and have given up on the idea.  It seems as though we are using a non-standard repository pattern which means the odds are stacked against us. I’m not a newbie […]

Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Part 3 – Troubleshooting

We hit more problems, as per my last article that means another post!  This post will detail the steps to troubleshoot a merge issue but the techniques I learned are good examples for generic troubleshooting of the TFS Integration Platform.  Our issue; A set of files aren’t being checked in after a merge in SVN. […]

Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Part 2

If you followed the steps in the previous article and everything went smoothly, good for you!  My migration hit a few snags, here are the big issues we hit and how we worked around them. The first issue we hit was due to the fact we use HTTPS and hit an issue with the certificate, this […]

Subversion to TFS 2012 Migration: Part 1

When I started at VoiceVault I mentioned I used to support Team Foundation Server in a previous life, it came to light that it has functionality that may benefit the company and make things a bit easier to manage than Subversion.  I was then tasked with investigating migration from Subversion to TFS, my first stop […]