I’ve been looking at the Roomba today and remembered that back when it still vaguely worked I did a series of short videos where I reverse engineered the internals to the point where I could remote control it.

I’m not going to lie, it was quite janky and I never really got it working properly as non of the sensors were rigged up so it couldn’t work autonomously.  The video above was taken last year when I decided to apply for PiWars, I figured if I could get this vaguely working I’d prove to myself I would be able to build a bot for PiWars.

The full playlist can be found here, I’ll cover bits of this in more detail as I get it back up and running:

Thankfully past-Keegan reminded me that the battery is shot, thankfully I’ve parts to make a new one so all good there.  It’s saved me some troubleshooting at least!