The first job for a few of the scavenged batteries is the Roomba, the existing battery finally gave up the ghost and rather than replacing it again and having to use the slow charger it came with I thought I’d upgrade.

The original battery pack has a 2Ah (amp-hour) capacity, the three scavenged batteries in the caddy have 3.1Ah.  Battery tech has come a long way since the Roomba was first released!

The upshot of this is I can reuse the existing battery pack at some point to hold more of these batteries, I should have room for six in total, which would give a lot more running time for sure. I’ll also be able to add in a BMS (battery management system) circuit which will keep the cells balanced and keep them in a healthier state.  I have a bunch of these circuits from MacFeegle Prime and they’re easy to hook up and make a big difference.