Welcome reader to the first post on my Patreon page!  I’ll be designing robotics of various types and not only sharing the results but all the files, code, and knowhow needed to build them yourself.  

I have a long post over on my blog detailing the projects that are already in the works, but the summary is I’ll have three robots, one shown above, and two controllers.

NE-1 will be based around an original Roomba, I will show you how to figure out which sensors and motors do what and allow you to take direct control at the hardware level.

NE-5 will be based on my award winning PiWars robot MacFeegle Prime, shown in the photo above.  This will be used for research in to teleoperation, navigation, perception, and tasking of a robot.  

NE-Where will be a much larger robot, designed around a Really Usefull Box to be able to carry large payloads over any surface, the specification for this one includes being able to carry me…

NE-Thing is a multipurpose controller, based around a Raspberry Pi, and will be used as the primary interface to all of my robots.  Longer term it’ll be extended to control drones and anything else besides.

NE-Body is a waldo controller, if you think of a puppeteering rig that is a twin of a robots arms you’ll have the right idea.  This will be used to research teleoperation.

All of these will be released under an open source licence, which one to be confirmed, and I’ll be creating a weekly video log showing what I’ve been working on to keep everyone up to date.

Most importantly, my content will always be free.  I’ll be using ROS (Robot Operating System) and other open source tools so it feels only right to give back to the community too.  I am still working on what tiers I’ll implement but they will include early access, live streams, and being listed as a supporter for my projects.

If you could support me with a pledge I’d greatly appreciate it, if not stick around anyhow and please share this wide.

Welcome aboard, let’s see where this ride takes us!