Now I’ve finished rebuilding my old printer so it actually works I’ve a printer that can print big things fast. That’s because it has a 0.8mm nozzle, most printers have 0.4mm, and an E3D Volcano hotend.

This thing really shifts!

For context, the parts for the first half of the dual enclosure would’ve taken about 22 hours with my Prusa and the stock nozzle, with Chonk (seemed a good name) it printed the lot in 9 hours!

The top enclosure will take longer as it has a hatch top on it to handle the multi material unit. Still, it should be around 40 hours rather than 70 at least…

To finish this section I need to get the acrylic walls and doors fitted, they’re on order, and a spool holder sorted.

Slowly getting this room together, likely I’ll finish just as the new workshop is ready to move in to…