Remote Python Development in Visual Studio Code

By | 03/11/2019

As I’m about to start development of MacFeegle Prime in earnest I’ve started looking at how best to do this. I’ve long been a fan of Visual Studio Code and figured it would probably have a solution to my problem. Turns out it did!

I’ve used JetBrains WebStorm in the distant past and one of the really handy features was remote development. You could modify HTML, CSS and JavaScript locally and it would automagically deploy that code to your server, remote debugging included! It turns out VS Code has similar.

This is made possible using the Remote Development – SSH extension, follow the steps in the link and you’ll get set up in no time.

One issue I faced is that I couldn’t get the ssh-agent service to run in Windows, I solved this using this solution as a base. In the end I opened services.msc and set the ssh agent to automatic.

I’ve also created a GitHub repo for my code, find it here.

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