Keegan’s Hat of Migraine Prevention

For whatever reason, back in early December, the ceiling lights at work have started giving me headaches which occasionally escalate into migraines, this is not ideal.  We have a very helpful facilities team at work but I though I’d just find a workaround myself, as I like wearing hats this seemed an easy one to fix.

Behold, Keegan’s Hat of Migraine Prevention!


I poked a small hole inside the headband at the back to allow a headphone cable to pass through and clipped my trusty Bluetooth receiver to it which I used in a previous hack.  I now have something that blocks out light and lets me control what I hear.  This helps no end and people are used to me being a bit odd so no-one has batted an eyelid.

That being my summer hat and weather taking a turn for the worse I’ve adapted my old Fedora so that when I’m out in town I have music too.  When things are busy having music to listen too to dull the noise of the crowd really does help.  The odd thing is I now need to remember to charge my hat…


A simple and daft pair of hacks that have actually helped a great deal.

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