I’m once more dabbling in Linux at work so figured I’d give RaspBMC another go with my new knowledge of Linux troubleshooting workarounds…

First of all I thought I’d have a play with SSH so set up a reverse tunnel to access my Pi remotely.  I followed the same steps in this article to no avail;

If I ran the script manually I could create the tunnel no problem, it just wasn’t being created automatically which was a pain.  Turns out that RaspBMC disables cron out of the box so this needed to be re-enabled;

Last of all I found that, as before, my Pi keeps randomly hanging requiring a reboot.  A friend of mine introduced me to the hardware watchdog on the Pi that can be used to reboot if the device goes unresponsive and so far so good;


That’s all for now, the new wiring loom is going in the Mini soon though so expect more automotive posts soon!