Unsurprisingly my Dad had a big part in shaping my life, he is a structural engineer by trade and has been running his own business for around 40 years now. My first day of school I was driven there on a crane (I shit you not!), I grew up in a workshop with a couple of MIG welders and more kit than most Hackspaces can shake a stick at and where most kids were building dens out of wood, I used scaffolding.  The most important part of shaping who I am is that he never taught me to weld or use any of that kit, he saw early on that if he did I’d follow in his footsteps and he didn’t (still doesn’t) want that for me.  His work has him outside in all weather, working his arse off, even now.

When I was eight or so, he bought an Epson EL-2 and had a friend of his teach me to use DOS.  Over the years my skills with computers and electronics grew to the point where I now have a degree in Computer Science and ended up working at Microsoft for six years.  He was way ahead of the curve, I still want to learn to weld though…

For years I’ve made my parents birthday cards but today is the first I’ve hand painted.  He intends to retire before too long, his definition of “too long” varies, but one of the hobbies he intends to take back up is sea fishing.  This seemed only appropriate;

TaW 8 - Sea Fishing