At the start of every year there are things people embark on, more a new years hobby than resolution, like take a photo a day or go for a run each week.  I hadn’t planned on joining in but found myself making a case for my tablet at the end of the first week and though, sod it, why not do this for the year?  I’m also using this as a weekly excuse to use my DSLR and hopefully get more used to it, had it for a while but still useless with it if I’m honest.  It’ll also spawn a weekly blog post so it’s a triple threat of productivity in the guise of a game.

The power of the game, once more shows itself.

Week 1: Tablet and Kindle Cases

Thing 1: Matching cases for my tablet and Kindle.

The only issue with these “{X} a {Y} per {Z}” projects is that people often hear of them after the year has started which is a shame as it has a tendency to dissuade people from joining in.  I’m not sure if this is an artefact of the human nature to  pattern match and that being out of step with the calendar is somehow offensive but it sounds plausible.  The thing with the calendar is that it’s arbitrary, invented by man and easy to tweak or ignore.

TLDR;  If you like the idea of making a thing a week, taking a photo a day or any other such thing then choose your own damn calendar just do it anyway and to hell with anyone who calls you for being out of step!