I’m not finished yet however the lights are in the Jukebox and I thought I’d post a pic of a test I performed by hardwiring the lights to be green;

It’s the first time since I’ve owned the Jukebox that it has been lit up like this, not long after buying it I tried with EL wire but frankly it looked terrible.  The outer band used to be transparent, for those interested I used a glass etching spray to give it that frosted look and to diffuse the light.  It looks far better in person that this picture would suggest.

I’m currently working on finalising the circuitry to control them as well as the code to control the colour from the PC.  I’ve been mostly successful with my prototypes but there are a few bugs to iron out yet.

Still, the wiring for the lights was by far the biggest hurdle so should be quicker progress from now on.