I’ve a gigabit network at home and my transfer rates sucked, considering I frequently watch HD content from my Home Server this was less than ideal.  Having a chat with a few of my colleagues at work and after performing a simple tweak on my Home Server, throughput went from 30Mbps peak (that’s mega bits not mega bytes before anyone gets shirty) to a fairly stable 80~90Mbps.  A hefty improvement considering it involved the creation of a registry key and a restart!

Essential it involves enabling Compound TCP and I followed the steps to create the DWORD on this page.  If your Home Server is up to date then you don’t need to install the hotfix, only create the registry entry.

Mstsc to your Home Server and open regedit, don’t forget to backup your registry blah blah blah, and find the following key;


If it isn’t present, create a DWORD of the name TCPCongestionControl and set it the value of 1, reboot and you should be good to go.

UPDATE:  This hasn’t been a permanent fix for me, if anyone has any other tips feel free to add them as a comment.
UPDATE UPDATE:  Inbox Realtek drivers suck ass, is your friend…